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Unified Communications (Voice over IP)

Today's VoIP and Unified Communications solutions bring the power of telephony previously reserved only for the large enterprise down to the desktop of the small business. Unified Communications solutions based on the latest technologies and deployed by Premier Technical Services level the playing field for small and emerging organizations with powerful features like:

  • Presence – collects real time information from multiple sources to determine and publish a user's availability to communicate with others in your workspace. Override status presentation when you don't want to be disturbed.
  • Email/Voice mail Integration – integrate your voice mail messages with your email system so that you only have to check messages in one location. View or listen to your messages inside of email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Follow-me – Stop publishing a work, cell and emergency number. Instead provide just a single number for all callers and let our system locate you at the best number. When numbers or priorities change, you can simply adjust the system instead of having to notify callers to use a different number.
  • Toll Bypass – Save money on toll calls by allowing employees at different locations to call one another over the network (WAN) by just dialing a 4-digit extension instead of dialing long distance.
  • Virtualize Communications – Have business continuity regardless of the location of your workers. Give mobile workers the flexibility to make a call from their laptop and have the caller ID of your business presented to your clients.

Streamline your business processes, reach the critical resources the first time and see how this impacts your bottom line when you upgrade your telephone system to a new Unified Communications solution from Premier Technical Services.

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